My Unsmoke story’s about my father. For over twenty years, he was a heavy smoker.

He’s 62 years old now, ex-military. So it wasn’t just that he smoked to relax. It was also his tradition, a connection to the military and his father and grandfather. And he was doing it at home, in the car and wherever we went.

Unfortunately, it didn’t just create problems for his health. It had a big impact on our family: my mother, my sister and me didn’t smoke. We’re into healthy lifestyles, and always tried to persuade him to quit smoking.

It was the main reason we argued in our family. And it was like this for years. I started to talk with him about the possibilities to change his habit.

He was very sceptical at the beginning. But I was able to change his perception: I told him stories about how smoke free alternatives had changed the lives of people I know.

Gradually, he became open to trying it. Then he tried it. Switched. And now he has Unsmoked.

I’m proud of my father. And I’m really happy that we’ve quit arguing about his smoking.”



I’d advise people who want to Unsmoke their relatives or friends to be persistent. If you fail to persuade them the first time, second time and even third time, don’t think they’ll never change. Just try a different approach.

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