I met my husband thirty years ago. Twenty years ago, I decided to Unsmoke myself. I managed it. I quit smoking. But my husband continued to smoke.

When better alternatives to smoking became available, I tried to convince him to switch from cigarettes to smoke free products. For two years, I tried to convince him it was a better option. The entire time, he just said: “No, I like cigarettes. I enjoy them.

Then, one day, my son said to him: “OK dad, I don’t understand. You’re a smart guy. Mom’s an expert in tobacco. She’s saying better alternatives exist, and you just continue to smoke? Tell me, do you really trust her? Do you really love her?

My husband; he was speechless. The next day, he switched completely to a smoke free alternative. I tried for two years, without success. My son, with the right words, the right emotional connection, did it in one go. I was so proud of them both.

It made us even closer, as a family. My son used to complain all the time about the smell.

He only went back to cigarettes once, when we were living in New York and the product wasn’t available. As soon as we left, he was back onto his smoke free alternative.



Keep convincing yourself – or other people – that there are better alternatives. Of course, it’s best to quit. But some people won’t do that. Either way, it’s not always simple to Unsmoke. For some, like my husband, it’ll take two years, maybe more. But never, never give up.

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